Where can I buy GemEx certified diamonds?
Personalize your diamond
Personalize your diamond

GemEX® AuthentiGem™

Authenticate your Luxury Products with Branded Diamonds!

Protect your Brand

  • There are many ways you try to authenticate your brand and prevent knockoffs …
  • Now you can authenticate your branded products with a diamond engraving
  • The Patented Technology prevents the reproduction of a fake


  • Patented Ion engraving – Diamond Table mark inscription
  • Invisible to the naked eye
  • View with specialized Viewer (GemEx Luxury HDV)
  • Diamond or Gemstone is engraved and permanently attached to your product


  • GemEx retains a registry of all approved marks
  • Your logo and identification numbers are protected


  • Information on each gemstone engraved is available for tracking with GemEx

Differentiate your Brand

  • Increase the value and prestige of your product with a diamond or gemstone
  • Diamonds engraved with your company logo and an individual id number

Increase Consumer Trust with GemEx AuthentiGem