Where can I buy GemEx certified diamonds?

The GemEx Certificate

Diamond Light Performance Certificate

The Light Performance Standard®

Your customers want to buy beautiful diamonds.  With GemEx certified diamonds, you focus on what your customer wants in a diamond: superior brilliance, fire and sparkle. 

The traditional 4C information (Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, Cut) does not help to differentiate between a beautiful diamond and a diamond with inferior brilliance, fire and sparkle.  The 4C's define the rarity of a diamond.  However, the rarity of a diamond has almost nothing to do with the look or beauty of a diamond.  

Diamond color and clarity are not scientifically measured, they are an opinion of a diamond grader.  Each GemEx certified diamond has been individually measured with the BrillianceScope Analyzer.  The Certificate lets you and your customer choose the most appealing combination of brilliance, fire and sparkle.  

The 5 diamond images on the front of the certificate are the actual images of the individual diamond.  These images from the BrillianceScope are used to evaluate the percentage of white light and color light that the diamond returns and the number of points of light that turn on and off as the diamond moves.  GemEx ensures accurate brilliance, fire and sparkle results by measuring every diamond at multiple light angles.   

The Bar graphs show how this diamond compares to all others in the world in each category.  If the diamond is round, it is compared to other round diamonds.  If the diamond is square, it is compared to square diamonds, etc.  GemEx developed the scales for each shape by measuring tens of thousands of diamond to determine the range of brilliance, fire and sparkle possible.  

The IdentiView image reveals the craftsmanship and symmetry of the diamond.  Use this image to positively match your diamond and its Certificate.  


Customize the GemEx Certificate

GemEx has certified over 3 million diamonds.  Each certificate includes the essential Light Performance information.  GemEx offers custom sizes and formats that can include your logo or branding message.  

See the certificate sizes to the left. 

Contact us to customize the GemEx Certificate with your brand.