Where can I buy GemEx certified diamonds?
Personalize your diamond

See the Light Performance of diamonds online...

Whether you are buying or selling diamonds, you and your customer can view the individual diamond's brilliance, fire and sparkle online.  You don't have to guess the performance.  You will see the actual performance on your computer, tablet and phone.     

Retail Jewelers: Buying and selling diamonds can be a stressful experience.  GemEx certifies the brilliance, fire and sparkle of a diamond to help you and your customer choose the best diamond for them.  Your customers can compare the brilliance, fire and sparkle of multiple diamonds even if the diamond is not in your store and receive a second opinion from family and friends without leaving your store.  If your customer is comparison shopping, you can give them the diamond id number and let them see the beauty of the diamond at www.gemexlive.com.  You will improve consumer trust in you and your store, directly leading to more sales.

Diamond Supplier:  Show the performance of your diamonds without the shipping time and costs.  Your retailer can compare your diamonds online before they place an order.  Your diamonds can also be listed on the retailers website with proven Light Performance certification.