Where can I buy GemEx certified diamonds?


GemEx evaluates diamond beauty by measuring Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle

Each GemEx certified diamond has been individually measured with the BrillianceScope® Analyzer.  The BrillianceScope is a patented imaging spectrophotometer developed by an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer and a physicist to measure a diamond for bright white light (known as Brilliance), bright color light (known as Fire) and scintillation (known as Sparkle).  

Since diamonds are nearly always in motion as you wear them, we must evaluate the light return using multiple lighting positions.  The BrillianceScope captures and evaluates six different light measurements for each diamond.  

Most BrillianceScopes are installed in diamond cutting factories.  When the diamond is thought to be finished and ready to be shipped, it is placed in the BrillianceScope and measured for its performance. 

GemEx and the BrillianceScope is your assurance that you are buying and selling  beautiful diamonds.  Once the diamond is scanned, GemEx Quality Assurance Managers examine each and every scan to make sure the results are valid.  Once the results are confirmed, the certificate is printed and matched with your diamond.  Over 3 million diamonds have been certified for brilliance, fire and sparkle by GemEx.  

On every GemEx Certificate, you will see the results of the BrillianceScope measurement:


The bar graphs on each certificate show you the diamond’s rating compared to all other diamonds of the same shape. GemEx set the scales for each diamond shape by measuring tens of thousands of diamonds to determine the range of brilliance, fire and sparkle possible.  Each diamond is compared to all other diamonds of the same shape.   


These measurements show how the diamond will look when you are wearing it.  What makes a diamond have brilliance, fire and sparkle is the way the diamond plays with light. This is measured by moving the diamond or the light.  GemEx ensures accurate brilliance, fire and sparkle measurement by measuring the diamond at multiple light positions.


This image reveals the craftsmanship and symmetry of the diamond. Use this image to positively match your diamond and the Certificate with the BrillianceScope® Viewer or IdentiViewer.