Where can I buy GemEx certified diamonds?


GemEx® Systems is the global leader in diamond Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle certification. GemEx pioneered the concept of scientifically measuring the Light Performance® of diamonds and consumers have embraced this metric of diamond evaluation as demonstrated by the great success that GemEx customers have had selling diamonds with  GemEx Certificates.

What makes one diamond beautiful and another one dull is the way it reflects and refracts light, better known as the diamond’s Light Performance.  The GemEx BrillianceScope® Analyzer uses patented imaging spectrophotometer technology to measure a diamond's Brilliance (white light), Fire (color light) and Sparkle (scintillation).

It then rates each of these three measures compared to other diamonds of the same shape. The scale for each shape was set by measuring thousands of diamonds to determine the highest and lowest amount of Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle possible for each shape. The GemEx Certificate includes the three bar graphs and the images of the five diamond angles used for measurement of Light Performance.

GemEx reviews and validates the results of every diamond in order to provide consumers with the reliable GemEx Certificate.  Jewelers and consumers throughout the U.S., Hong Kong, UK, Caribbean and Europe, have been shown “the light” when it comes to an easy way to purchase and compare diamonds, thus eliminating guesswork. GemEx has issued certificates on millions of diamonds.